School Rules & Policies

Listed below is a condensed version of school rules and policies. For a more detailed version, please check your childs agenda.

Daily attendance is required by AZ state law. Learning suffers as a result of too many absences and tardiness.  It is the parents' responsibility to see that the child attends school regularly and failure to do so could result in penalties for the parent and child through the Maricopa County Truancy Prevention Program.
What to
do when a child is absent:
1) Parents must call the office by 8:30
AM or
a note should be sent with the student the day he/she returns to school.
2) 3 unexcused absences will result in a warning letter being sent home as part of the Operation A.I.M. Truancy Prevention Program.
3) 5 unexcused absences will result in a letter being sent home from the City Prosecutor's Office warning of a possible citation for truancy.
4) The 6th unexcused absence will result in a citation for the student and parent from the Phoenix Municipal Court for truancy as per the Operation A.I.M Program.
5) Students with 3 or more consecutive days absent will be required to present a statement from a physician in order to excuse the absences.

Here at WVMS, we have adopted a uniform dress code. The following is a list of guidelines for our dress code.
1) Shirts must have a collar and may only be solid white, light blue or navy blue.
2) Shirts may be short or long-sleeved. NO SLEEVELESS TOPS!!!
3) No symbols of any kind, except WVMS logos, may be on the shirt.
4) Undershirts must be solid white.
5) Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
1) All bottoms must be navy blue in color.
2) Students may wear shorts, skirts, jumpers or pants-- no more than 2 inches above the knee.
For more Do's and Don'ts, read your child's agenda.