Athletics Information and Programs


Fall Sports
  • Cross Country
  • Girls Soccer
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball
  • Girls Varsity Volleyball

Winter Sports
  • Girls Junior Varsity Basketball
  • Girls Varsity Basketball
  • Boys Junior Varsity Basketball
  • Boys Varsity Basketball
  • Flag Football
  • Cheer

Spring Sports
  • Track and Field
  • Softball
  • Baseball

​Be sure to check out the Valley Athletic Conference website for more information regarding schedules, locations, and current standings!

Listed below are some important documents and other related useful information linked with the athletic program at Western Valley Middle.
  • Athletic Handbook ​This document contains regulations, procedures, codes of conduct, and other general information regarding the athletics program at Western Valley Middle School. Before you student athlete can participate in any sports for the year, the last page needs to be printed, completed, and turned in to the athletic department. Only one of these needs to be turned in per school year and allows students to play any and all sports.
  • ​Emergency Form​This form allows parents and or guardians to share emergency contact information and other related health information with the coaches and athletic directors. Please make sure that this form is 100% completed and turned in to the athletics department before your student athlete begins their season. This form only needs to be completed and turned in once a school year.
  • Code of Conduct (Athletics) - This document describes the expectations for behavior and conduct for athletes, parents, guardians, and other spectators at all events and on the campus in general. This form needs to be completed and turned in to the athletics department before the student athlete can participate. This form only needs to be complete once a school year and is good for any and all sports the entire school year.
  • Annual Sports Physical - Before any student athlete is allowed to participate in any athletics program or event they need to obtain a physical from a medical professional. This can either be through a regular doctor or from a number of clinics which offer sports physicals. The athletics department needs a copy of the physical to keep on record before allowing any form of participation. Students can obtain a physical form to bring to their physical exam from the gym. 
  • Concussion Training, Testing, and Certification - Fairly recently concussions have been gaining increased attention and focus from athletics programs, media, and various governmental organizations. In order to best protect our student athletes every coach and athletics director for Western Valley Middle School must undergo training and certification for recognizing, understanding, and dealing with concussions and symptoms. Furthermore each staff member involved with athletics is also first aid, CPR, and AED trained and certified. The athletics department also requires that once a school year every student athlete successfully complete basic concussion training. At the end of this training students will be give a short written test that they must pass in order to participate.
Short Concussion Explanatory Video
Real Life Consequences of Ignoring Signs and Symptoms
More Concussion Information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Quick Guide to Concussions from the CDC (English y Espanol)

  • Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet - ​This document explains some basic information about concussions and must be printed, reviewed by parents and or guardians and the student athlete, completed, and then returned to the athletic department before any form of participation in athletics. This sheet only needs to be completed and turned in once per school year and allows for participation in all sports for the entire school year.
  • Grades and Eligibility - Each week every student athlete's grades are checked on Thursday afternoons. (With the exception of the first week back from a break and shortened school weeks) This is the same time that teachers must have their grades completed for progress reports to be printed out and given to students each Friday. If any student has two "D"s or has even one "F" letter grade, they will be suspended from practice, games, and not allowed on campus after school unless accompanied by a parent and or guardian at all times. The purpose behind this policy is so students can focus on the most important aspect of the educational system, learning. If a student's grades have improved by the next grade check they are then granted full eligibility. If however a student is ineligible for a total of three weeks in a season, they are then removed from athletics for that season. No refunds for any sports activity monies paid to the athletics department will be given for students who are removed for failure to remain eligible.