Mr. Phoenix - Art

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As an art teacher I have learned that the most valuable lesson that an art student can learn is to pursue their own art, defining and refining ideas while developing the material skills and craft necessary to execute them. Curiosity and confidence in ideas and process combined with a critical awareness of the context within which the work operates. This enables the students to engage in continuous examination of their world. I attempt to create a challenging but supportive atmosphere in class. My teaching combines encouragement of exploration with providing students the conceptual and technical tools they will need to produce, understand, and improve their work.

My goal is not to produce student technical virtuosos but rather to provide the students with enough skills to begin making work that merits critical discussion. Simultaneously I introduce other artists and their work and a range of contemporary ideas through video screenings and slide presentations. In my advanced classes I expect the students to work more independently. I encourage students to express themselves as individuals or in collaborative efforts and to address issues that deeply concern them.

Mr. Phoenix
Western Valley Middle School
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