Mr. Rick Rose 6/7/8th Grade Technology


Technology Course Syllabus/Room 547                                                                                    

Mr. Rick Rose 623-707-2228


Welcome to our 2018-19 WVMS Technology Class!!  We have an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE theme throughout our quarter courses offered at the 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels. Group collaboration and problem solving will be a daily part of this class. Also a focus on keyboarding and time management will be a crucial part of this course. We will be utilizing Google Classroom to assign homework assignments which will be available from home if you wish to access.

We will be creating a small community in each class in which we will be using micro-money to promote a positive learning environment utilizing  teams. Your student will be part of a small group that will work together to earn micro-money based on a variety of tasks they complete individually and as part of team collaborations. 

Students will be given time in class to complete all work assignments and projects; however they will need to review unit worksheets for quizzes and module tests. Please fill free to contact me if you have any questions.



  • 6th Grade- Modules
    Getting Started with Google Applications
    Google Word

  • 7th Grade- Modules
    Orientation/Keyboarding Review
    Google Slides
    Digital Citizenship
  • 8th Grade- Modules
    Orientation/Keyboarding Review
    Computing Systems
    Google Sheets