Mrs. Martin, Counselor

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Hello, my name is Mrs. Martin and I am the School Counselor at Western Valley Middle School.  As the School Guidance Counselor my mission is to provide the students at WVMS  with a comprehensive counseling program that addresses social, emotional, and academic needs of each student that will prepare them for the future.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at 623-707-2124 or by emailing me at

As the School Guidance Counselor at Western Valley Middle School I believe that all students...
 -can learn and should be supported academically.
 -have the right to a safe, respectful, and orderly learning environment.
- have the right to participate in an effective school guidance program.
And that the Western Valley Middle School comprehensive school counseling program should...
-be student-centered
-include education that will help students beyond the classroom and encourage life long skills.
-engage students in classroom, group, and individual activities to enhance learning.
And that the counselor at Western Valley Middle School...
-adhere to the ethical standards set by the American School Counseling Association.
-will participate in professional development to maintain the quality of the counseling program.

What Do School Counselors Do?
-Monitor and plan interventions for increased achievement of all students.
-Report and interpret student results in achievement, attendance and behavior.
-Provide individual counseling to students (as needed basis).
-Small group counseling
-Crisis Counseling